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Canna-Education Center

Learn the important facts about Medical Cannabis & Industrial Hemp-

Everyone from long time patients to those who have never even considered Cannabis, anyone  trying to learn more about safe and effective relief will  greatly benefit from this critical knowledge.

There are  even advanced education and certification programs, and Cannabis Industry Consultation Services for Workers,  Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and more!!


Cannabis 101

Bud-Tender’s Manual & Cann Exam


Start a Canna-Business

Video: Safe Natural Relief…

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 get canna 101 newest cover 430

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Watch the Cannabis 101 Video Segment

Cannabis 101 is an easy to follow, user friendly guide to all things Medical Cannabis, assembled from the integral resource groups from all corners of the industry. A downloadable version,   e-book, and application version are  coming soon-

Everything from Getting Started, Legal Concerns, Active Components, Uses & Side effects, Quality Control, Ways to Medicate, the Indica-Sativa Spectrum, Getting what You Need, Understanding Names and Genetics, Cannabis Throughout History,  and more!


cann inc sigOur Bud-Tenders Manual is the must have training manual for Collective Owners / Directors who need to train their staff/volunteers , anyone currently working in the industry,  or anyone who wants to work in the Medical Cannabis Industry.

Standards & practices, day to day operations, codes of conduct, standard weights & packaging, and everything else you need to start a career in Medical Cannabis.


We  offer a Certification Program Exam and Diploma, which is free to our vertical bannerconsultation clients, premier members, volunteers, community leaders, and independent contractors.

Get the Cann Exam is by contacting us- It’s also included with your annual listing package!!

Help your patients,  help the entire industry!!!

There are also resources, an easy checklist, as well as a model collective,  for anyone who wants to open a collective, or bring an existing collective up to the finest level-

To learn more about Cannabis please look through our Resource Center, which features several industry leaders, and more info…

Contact us today for hosting & partnership opportunities, early bird details, and instructor / contractor opportunities.

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