Chromatography is in no way affiliated with, nor funded by The Wercshop- we do however appreciate their research, and believe others may benefit from it…

Legitimizing Cannabis as a Medicine, means treating it like one-

By using Liquid and/or Gas Chromatography, the specific chemical makeup and ratio of Cannabis (and cannabis products) can be defined and applied specifically to patient’s needs.

This can also assure patients that their Medicine is clean of pests, molds, etc. and can begin to help patients get what they need based on chemical composition and scientific research, which unlocks new doors to even greater benefits from this amazing plant.

More is understood now more than ever about the Active Components of Medical Cannabis, and it’s medical potential- It is our responsibility as an industry to apply that knowledge.


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Cannabis Industry Proprietors:

Collectives: You don’t have to test your meds to be listed on, but we do believe that new research can open new doors to patients everywhere, and we support that!

All listings will be eligible for ‘Cannasseurs Choice Award /  Status’   however: chooses our Featured Collectives/ Deliveries  using a strict criteria-


  • featured /Cannasseurs Choice collectives should have within 6 months of signing up: At least thirty percent of “Top Shelf” medicines  tested for Chemical Analysis and Cleanliness Screening by an independent Liquid and/ or Gas Chromatography Laboratory.
  • Also, that the results of these tests will be available/viewable to patients, and that personnel responsible for dispensing medicine (Bud-Tenders) be proficient in the understanding and application of these results in their consultation/advising of patients.
  • Any certified Laboratory is acceptable, as it is unreasonable, and unethical to expect otherwise. The verification of your account/ batch status with Lab of your choice is included, and such information is also included through the subsidiary website

If for any reason your collective cannot afford to have these tests done on thirty percent of your “Top-shelf” medicines, special exceptions may be made for those who qualify.*

For example: If a collective carries ten “top-shelf” strains (including applicable concentrates,and edibles) that collective shall maintain that at least three of those (preferably one from each major sub-category (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid) will have been subject to, and have passed Cleanliness Screening, as well as Chemical Analysis.

Check out The to learn more, and schedule your Medicine for testing… is not affiliated with nor funded by TheWercshop, we do however appreciate their research and contributions to the education and furthement of Medical Cannabis.
You may choose any certified independent laboratory for your testing.

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