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getlegit.orgWe are dedicated to securing a bright future for Medical Cannabis, Industrial Hemp, Cancer Research, Human Rights, and the World Economy-

Our goal is to ensure that: Medical Cannabis, along with Patients and Proprietors, are protected and advocated for, that Medical Research is encouraged and enabled, and that Industrial Hemp programs be approved and implemented independently by  individual States and Countries by popular initiative from its Citizens…


sign the e-petitionsWe are opening people’s minds to Medical Cannabis, Cancer Research, and Industrial Hemp, with our nationwide advocacy and education campaign. We’re focusing on everyone from college groups to senior citizens, veterans, patients, politicians, and anyone else that might benefit from knowing the facts about Hemp & Cannabis, and how to get started as Cannabis patients, advocates, and entrepreneurs.

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GetLegit.org  “Safe Natural Relief” Documentary





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John, (our founder) speaking with Riverside City Council asking to establish more responsible regulation instead of instituting a city wide Collective Ban-




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Note to Medical Cannabis Collective & Medical Practice Directors / Staff:

If you already operate in the Medical Cannabis Industry, make sure these new patients can find you!!  Go to our Get Listed page to sign up today!!

Along with our Educational & Legislative efforts, there’s also our Industry Location Finder / Map feature, Official Reviews, Staff Certification, Consultation, and the National Registry of Legitimate Cannabis Providers.

It’s a great program for collectives & physicians, with awesome freebies for your staff and patients, that helps an entire industry, as well as your bottom line-


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