E-Petition for Protective Cannabis and Hemp Legislation

Please support our E-Petition, which will be delivered  to White House Representatives, along with State and Local Representatives and Legislators,  as soon as we reach 100,000 signatures-

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The petition reads as follows:    (please click here to sign it)

This petition is a general call for action, legislation, and approval for Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp. There is far beyond what should be considered ‘reasonable and sufficient evidence’ of the already present, and the potential economic and humanitarian benefits from both of these sectors. And, that the popular, governing opinion of our countrymen be recognized along with our Right to Self-Determination as per our Constitutional Rights, along with the rights of Safe Alternative Relief, Scientific Research, and Free Market Industry-

This document exercises our right as American Citizens  to enact Protective Legislation for Medicinal Cannabis Patients, Growers, Proprietors, and Lenders along with a Small Business Economic Growth Package, and Local (State) Lending and Finance Allocations for Industrial Hemp.


We, the Citizens of the United States of America, ask that:

1. Federal Legislation be addressed which will give Medicinal Cannabis Patients & Proprietors, as well as Commercial Farmers, (working under State approved conditions) protection from Federal prosecution, and reasonable defense in Federal Court based upon State status as an approved Cannabis Patient / Provider, (this defense is currently considered inadmissible) while keeping the power to enable and regulate such programs solely within State jurisdiction. And, that regions which have passed popular initiatives for Medical Cannabis not be denied this right through ‘Dispensary Bans’ or any other initiative / action taken by local or federal authorities and/or legislators-

2. A regulatory agency, funded by the Tax and Certification revenue collected from the Industrial and Medicinal Sectors, which will regulate and administer certification / industry operational codes. And, that these sectors  be legislated / regulated with production limitations, in accordance with these Small Business’ best interests, and those of maximum employment potential-

3. A protected and private farmers/growers permitting and tax structure be constructed, (either a blind tax collected by proprietors, or private permit, available only by subpoena, with reasonable evidence to support tax and and/or accordance investigation)  in order to optimize tax revenue and positive contribution from the industry, without endangering private citizens livelihoods and/or rights-

4. That a Lending and Allocation Program be legislated, in order to enable the start-up and development of Industrial Hemp based Companies, Manufacturers, and Suppliers. And, that this Lending and Allocation Program be prevented from becoming funded by Public or Stock based entities, in order to promote maximized small business growth and employment potential.


We believe States and Countries which have already passed Cannabis & Hemp programs hold the torch which illuminates a brighter future for all of us… Now is the time for us to come together to change the way our country works, and in turn; the world. Please do your part to bring thousands of small businesses and jobs to our country, along with the tax revenue, spending ability increase, and overall fiscal impact which will undoubtedly help our citizens, help patients in need of care, and economically help revive our great nation.

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Please click here to join the cause, and contact your political representatives-   We will notify you as soon as the final version is ready!

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