Collectives / Delivery Services National Registry (A-Z)

This is an alphabetical index of Collectives and Delivery Services that have voluntarily submitted their information and credentials, establishing them as Legitimate Cannabis Providers-

To the best of our knowledge, based on voluntarily submitted information, is happy to recommend these providers to patients that want to exercise their right to access Cannabis as a medicine / treatment option, and have been recommended Cannabis by a certified physician-


Baby Boomers Organics Delivery

Buds Direct Delivery

California Collective of Choice- CCOC Palm Springs

Compassionate Patients Association

Freedom Farmers Delivery

Green Shield Delivery

High Valley Healing Center

Humboldt Relief    

Modern Meds Delivery

No Stress Delivery

OC Farmacy

 OG Preservation Delivery

Pats Legacy Delivery Service

Sky High Meds Big Bear

Stoney Coast Delivery

The Flower Shoppe- Van Nuys

The Reliable Guys

UPS 420 Delivery

VFL (Varieties for Life)

WPMC (Wellness & Pain Management Center)



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