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Treating Yourself Magazine has devoted themselves to Cannabis Advocacy and Education. Truly on the frontlines of research and education for the Medical Cannabis Industry, they also promote a Cannabis advocacy and awareness convention, and even offer free seeds** to patients…

(**where permissible)


The Wercshop is an independent testing laboratory, which uses methods including chromatography testing to help analyze and quantify key chemical components of Cannabis. These tests and analysis are the cutting edge of Cannabis research, and are opening new doors to patients by offering detailed, specified knowledge of Cannabis like never before…



iComply is on the cutting edge of Cannabis Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Assistance-

They believe that hemp and cannabis regulations do not have to be risky, costly, or difficult. Our team of experts knows how to drive cost, risk, and complexity down for MMJ businesses and governments following the letter of the law. We have the area expertise & relationships that truly make a difference for the future of Cannabis… has an up to date, and easily usable Cannabis Strain Database that allows users to learn more about the medicinal uses & effects of thousands of Cannabis varieties, and search with a variety of filters.

The Industry Locator Map helps patients find the nearest Cannabis providers-All of whom have voluntarily joined The National Registry of Legitimate Cannabis Providers.  It also provides Official Reviews, Video Tours, and more!

Our Education Center has a wealth of important facts and information to help you get informed.

view the video :  “Safe Natural Relief” Documentary has an amazing archive of Medical Marijuana news, research, and symptom / problem specific information on hundreds of illnesses, ailments, and more!!!



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